Genes and loci


Table 1. Genetic factors that underlie age-related hearing loss in inbred mouse strains.
This table lists genetic factors that have been shown to contribute to age-related hearing loss (AHL) in inbred strains of mice, their genetic map locations, the methods used for mapping, strains with known susceptibility and resistance alleles, and pertinent references.

Table 2. Genetic modifiers and digenic inheritance of hearing loss.
This table lists genetic modifier loci and cases of digenic inheritance that have been reported to alter the expression of hearing loss in mice and humans with known genetic disorders.

Table 3. Mouse mutations reported to cause inner ear malformations or dysfunction.
This large table includes more than 200 individual gene loci. For each entry, the following information is provided: gene symbol, gene name, chromosome map position, mutation symbol, mutation name, type of mutation, associated ear pathology, hearing assessment, vestibular function, and pertinent references. Entries are arranged alphabetically by gene symbol.